So, ​What's FileRoutes About​

Think of it as a post office for digital content.

  • We have a route for that

    We're really spoilt for choice: Dropbox, Box, Flickr, OneDrive etc. And with preferences among certain groups of people, managing and sharing files has become a tad more complicated than it used to be. FileRoutes gives you a wide coverage of all storage services: it has a route for everything, including one to your local NAS box.

  • A push-button service

    A robust routing serviceware, FileRoutes makes sure that your files reach their intended location, all the time, everytime. You can set up routes connecting devices to clouds, devices to other devices and even clouds to other clouds. To help you keep tabs on your routes and files, we'll send updates to your mobile.

  • We don’t store data

    FileRoutes does not store data. We don't store, final content, access keys and we certainly don't have access to transferred files. Pre-upload format converters may cache content while it's being converted, but that is only temporary. The app and infrastructure are regularly checked for vulnerabilities and hack-proofed. Long story short - we are fully secure.

  • Unified view

    An easy-to-use dashboard gives you an overview of all your files and folders across multiple cloud storage and devices. See some files that need to be moved? Set up a route immediately through the interactive dashboard.

  • Mobile, of course

    And of course, FileRoutes has mobile app. You can track files through your iPhone, Android or Windows app, bookmark an interesting pdf or video that you come across and route it directly to a cloud of your choice. If you've set up a route for it, that is!

There is an app for that!

Fileroutes supports all major platforms. Find yours here.